Chanel Launches Sous le Signe du Lion Jewellery Collection

By Paul Joseph

Chanel have released a new jewellery collection inspired by the strength and beauty of the King of the Jungle.

The lion was the zodiac sign of the late fashion designer and Chanel founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, and this new collection has been made in honour of that symbol, which was said to be close to her heart.

The collection consists of 58 pieces including necklaces, rings, brooches, bracelets, and watches, each featuring a majestic lion’s head somewhere on their design.

Amongst the collection is the Lion Rugissant ring featuring a lion’s head and set entirely in white gold with diamond, and the ‘Lion Céleste’ brooch in white gold and diamonds representing the fabled lion of Venice with its paw posed on a globe of the world.

Another notable piece is the ‘Lion Royal’ necklace in platinum, white gold and diamonds – a transformable piece that can be worn as a sautoir or a shorter necklace, or can have the lion head motif detached and be worn as a brooch.

The collection also includes the first jewel to be produced in Chanel’s own high jewellery ateliers, which opened last year.

Chanel was founded in Paris in 1909.

By Paul Joseph