Chateau d’Esclans On Being Ready To Rock

By Paul Joseph

Chateau d’Esclans, the Provencal wine maker, has acquired an impressive reputation in recent years for its refined and sophisticated product, with its refreshing notes considered perfect for the yachting lifestyle.

Now the brand is showing its edgier side with the release of a new wine called Rock Angel, billed as delivering a more complex and intense kick than its predecessor, the famous Whispering Angel.

We sat down with Shannon Benoist of Chateau d’Esclans at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show to find out more.

“The brand is a rose, which means life by the water,” he began. “You want something refreshing, new, exciting and with cool aspect but sophisticated, and the wine is just perfectly matching the yacht industry.

“We do a range of four roses. We started with Whispering Angel which a lot of people know. It’s a brand by itself. It’s light, refreshing with a traditional style of Provence with the typical little bit of complexity you would usually find in Provence.

“Then we move onto Rock Angel. The wine is not new, it’s the estate Couvea. The name Rock Angel is a proprietary name which was added and it says on the back label, ‘It all started with a whisper and now it’s time to rock’. So it’s basically taking Whispering Angel and making it a little more complex and intense.

“It’s done by adding some oak to the wine, so about 50% of the wine is ageing barrel and the other 50% is stainless steel. So you have the lightness and freshness of Whispering Angel but with a little more complexity and full body which allows you to have food pairing with the wine.”

You can watch the full video interview with Mr Benoist above this article.

By Paul Joseph