Château d’Esclans Whispering Angel: A Vintage Success Story

By Paul Joseph

It has been a stratospheric rise for Château d’Esclans, which has done more than any other champagne brand to elevate pink rosé to the drink of choice for jet setters across the world.

Now in its tenth vintage, Whispering Angel, the flagship of the Chateau d’Esclans portfolio, has perhaps reached its apogee with the 2016 Vintage, hailed by the vineyard’s owner Sacha Lichine as everything he has strived for in terms of complexity, elegance, balance and, above all, enjoyment.

Now available in some 106 countries, Whispering Angel is described as boasting a “satiny texture, complex aroma and delicate cherry/berry flavours” and is now among the most recognisable rosés from the Provence region of France, eschewing cultural boundaries and getting consumers to pay more attention to wines in its category.

The quality in the bottle emanates from rigorous viticultural practices coupled with master craftsmenship overseen by Patrick Leon and his son, Bertrand, all contributing towards making the estate wines of Château d’Esclans a global sensation.

Along with Whispering Angel, the Château d’Esclans range encompasses three rosés: Rock Angel, Les Clans and Garrus, with the latter recently receiving a perfect 20/ 20 rating from esteemed wine journalist, Matthew Jukes.

It was just the latest milestone along a remarkable journey for Château d’Esclans. Ten years ago the rosé category was a mere afterthought in the minds of most wine drinkers. Today it is enjoyed by the world’s discerning imbibers of luxury beverages the world over.

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By Paul Joseph