China Rendez-Vous 2015 Hopes to Energise Luxury Market

By Paul Joseph

Now in its sixth year, the China Rendez-Vous exhibition is now well established on the luxury lifestyle calendar.

With two months to go until the 2015 edition in Sanya, Hainan, we caught up with Serena Ren, General Manager of the Hainan Visun Rendez-Vous Ltd, to learn more about the plans for this year’s show and the broader ambitions for China’s luxury industry.

Can you explain why you chose the theme "Dream, Art, Life” for this year’s show?
“Life” is an eternal theme for everyone, and for high quality individuals in particular, they pursue exclusive lifestyles and have a deeper understanding of “the art of life”. Meanwhile, dreams are the driving force in our life. We feel the three elements: “dream, art, life” have a close connection, and are related to China Rendez-Vous’s philosophy: share high-end lifestyles, healthy life attitudes and rational consumption patterns for an ultimate appreciation of life's values.

How will the show differ to last year with regard to luxury and lifestyle?
This year, we will have more top-tier luxury and lifestyle brands participating in the exhibition, with a total number expected to increase by at least 50%.

To what extent do you think luxury consumers in China are influenced by the outside world?
With rapid development of the Chinese economy, Chinese consumers have increasing purchasing power for luxury products. However, the price of luxury products sold in China is comparatively high due to high import duty, so Chinese luxury consumers often like to purchase abroad. To solve this, it would rely on government policy.

What more do you think can be done to encourage creativity in China in the field of luxury design and innovation?
More international exchanges and the cultivation of more indigenous designers is important. Providing more market opportunities and adequate space for development also play a crucial role in the field of luxury design and innovation.

Do you think one day there could be some indigenous Chinese luxury brands that are as famous as, for example, Gucci or Louis Vuitton?
Yes, for sure. China is a perfect market with numerous opportunities. In fact, a group of leading Chinese designers has emerged on the international stage in recent years, which is a crucial step for developing indigenous Chinese luxury brands.

There has been talk in recent years that private aviation could become a huge industry in China – are we any closer to this happening and is the government doing enough to help?
Without doubt, private aviation has experienced fast growth in recent years. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is favourable government policy towards the general aviation industry. China Rendez-Vous paid close attention to this, and we decided to cooperate with China Aviation News in this year’s exhibition. We believe this cooperation can help our guests understand this trend as well as demonstrating recent achievements in the general aviation industry.

What are your hopes and expectations for this year’s China Rendez-Vous?
We hope to present to the world a changing and developing China through this event. Going forward, we are committed to developing China Rendez-Vous into a platform for sharing ideas on high-end lifestyles, culture and art.

This year, we will make the event bigger and more international. We will continue to promote and expand this event, to make it an exchange platform between participating brands and participants/buyers, as well as provide benefits for all parties involved.

The 2015 China Rendez-Vous takes place at the Hainan Visun Royal Yacht Club from 27th - 30th November. 

By Paul Joseph