Chopard Unveils High Jewellery Line at Paris Couture Fashion Week

By Paul Joseph

Legendary Swiss jewellery house Chopard has unveiled an eye-catching new high jewellery line at Paris Couture Fashion Week.

Featuring liberal use of gold and titanium as the setting for sparkling gemstones in myriad vivid colours, the collection comes just a year after the famous brand became a member of the prestigious Fédération Française de la Couture.

Among the collection is three titanium and gemstone cuff bracelets, an intricate necklace, a pair of sculpted jade earrings and “Fleurs d’Opales” a three piece opal ring collection. The cuffs use traditional and modern jewellery making techniques to striking effect.

The titanium settings match the gemstone embellishments making each bracelet a kaleidoscope of colours on the wrist. Motifs including butterflies, flowers, and lacework all feature, while one of the bracelets even has removable butterflies that can be worn as earrings and a brooch.

Other notable elements are also evident on the necklace which uses a scroll pattern and vivid pinks, reds, purples and blues to create a constellation of gems that culminates in a 14-carat pear-shaped tanzanite.

Finally, the sculpted jade teardrop earrings are surrounded by tiny twinkling diamonds while the ring collection is centered on fiery iridescent opals surrounded by petals of pink sapphire, garnets, diamonds and spinels.

Founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860, Chopard has grown to become one of the world’s most famous luxury brands.

By Paul Joseph