Christian Louboutin Designs Christmas Tree for Claridge’s Hotel

By Paul Joseph

Following in the footsteps of iconic figures including Diane von Furstenberg, Jony Ives, and Karl Lagerfeld, legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin has this year stepped up to the plate to take on the imposing challenge of providing London’s prestigious Claridge’s Hotel with a Christmas tree.

Each festive season the front porch of Claridge’s is embellished with an eye-catching Christmas tree and this year’s is as impressive as ever, thanks to the unique Louboutin touch.

The collaboration is titled ‘The Loubi Express’ and has been inspired by the designer’s passion for rail travel.

Standing five metres tall, the tree has been conceptualised as a glittering Louboutin-red train carrying brown paper packages tied up with red ribbons alongside a wagon car.

It features strings of fairy lights perched upon snow-covered branches, gold and scarlet trinkets, gingerbread-stiletto biscuits, and even some Louboutin lipsticks, plus a glistening gold leaf crown on the top in place of a star.

The intimate wagon car serves up decadent fare such as prawn tempura, truffle gougères, and the hotel’s signature Lobster Wellington alongside champagne cocktails and pineapple punch.

Speaking about the design, Louboutin said: “It is such an honour to be invited to design the Claridge’s Christmas Tree. The hotel is my second home when in London and I am glad to bring a little piece of Paris to such an iconic London landmark.

“The idea of travel has always been a key source of inspiration in my work and I wanted to capture the excitement and romance of it. There is something nostalgic about travelling by train, it reminds me of grand adventures and journeys home.”

Founded in 1812 as Mivart's Hotel, it was sold in 1854 to a Mr and Mrs Claridge, who owned a smaller hotel next door. The couple combined the two operations and eventually changed the name of the hotel to Claridge's.

By Paul Joseph