Covet International Awards 2021: The Worldwide Design Search

By Christina Tsangaris

Covet International Awards is looking for interior design projects and product designs that clearly show how design modernizes craftsmanship, by reinterpreting and valuing the traditional arts & crafts, therefore maintaining their essence intact while offering them a role in the center stage of the contemporary world.

The Organisers of Covet International Awards – Covet House and Covet Foundation, share the common mission of reviving ancient arts that are losing their place in the contemporary Design world.

With 15 years of experience in creating curated furniture, which feature elements in the arts of filigree, tile, wood carving and others, Covet House has now a bigger mission than designing high-end furniture, they actually want to make sure that the knowledge of arts & crafts passes on from generation to generation. The organizer is looking for Furniture, Lighting and Home accessories created using the finest craftsmanship techniques, as well as Interior Design projects in several categories.


Residential, Hospitality, Commercial, Sustainable Design, Home Office, Craftsmanship and Mid Century are this year’s categories. We are looking for the most coveted interior design projects and product design that show design through craftsmanship, by reinterpreting and valuing the traditional arts & crafts. The Covet Awards of 2021, will also feature extra recognitions: Thinker of the Year – Person behind a Luxury Brand that successfully promoted Craftsmanship in 2021. The maker of the Year – Craftsman who created the most coveted product in 2021. Design meets a craft using the most luxurious materials. The result must be a striking product with which our readers create an emotional bond.

All projects submitted will be evaluated according to how much Crafts are rooted in the design process. The concept, creativity, use of space, impact of materials are other guidelines of the Jury. Projects must be completed, and they can either be new constructions or remodels. COVET INTERNATIONAL AWARDS jury committee will accept one project per Designer / Team. However, one project can be submitted to several categories.

Since the language of luxury design is currently a combination of craftsmanship and arts that tell a story of passion and emotion. Consequently, the Covet International Awards become this obvious solution to promote such a message to the world, recognising skilled interior designers that share the same values.

By Christina Tsangaris