Create your own Bubbly with Bespoke Champagne Service

By Paul Joseph

Champagne is best reserved for special occasions, and what better way to add a unique touch to a celebration than by creating your own bespoke bubbly?

Now that prospect has been turned into reality thanks to UK company Champagne Warehouse and their innovative new service called ‘Champagne By You’.

The bespoke service allows champagne lovers to create their very own unique case of champagne, playing a part in the entire production process, from choosing their preferred champagne style to the design of the handmade label.

Customers begin by holding a tasting session where they get to decide their preferred style from a wide selection of authentic ‘grower’ champagnes imported directly from a range of independent vineyards. Experts will be on hand to help you make your choice.

After selecting your champagne style, customers get to create a unique, handmade aluminium label with the help of Champagne By You’s experienced in-house design team.

The service is priced at between £2,257 and £2,574 for a case of 24, including a full tasting pack of 6 champagnes, working with a designer to create the bespoke label, and 24 bottles of your chosen champagne with hand finished labels. For extra cost, customers can also create bespoke packaging.

By Paul Joseph