Dahlgren Duck: The Industry's Leading Luxury Curator

By Heather Collier

Since 1983, Dahlgren Duck has been pleased to represent the world’s best luxury manufacturers. Managing Director Alejandro Hahn spoke to Superyachts.com about what separates Dahlgren Duck from other luxury curators, their aims for further expansion, and the grand opening of their brand-new studio in Mayfair this autumn.

For our readers who haven’t heard of Dahlgren Duck, who are they and what do they do?

AH: We are a company that curates, sources and supplies goods and bespoke products to elite clientele. From crystal, to china, to flatwear, to linen, all decorative items are designed to enhance and compliment your space. Founded over 40 years ago in the U.S., we are also the largest company in our industry, with a wide global reach. As of this moment, we have offices in Denver, Dallas, Montreal, London and the Middle East, supplying our services to a number of yachting and high-end residential property projects. 


What sets Dahlgren Duck apart from other luxury curators?

AH: I think there’s quite a few things. Having been at the forefront of this industry for over 40 years, we are equipped with enormous expertise and experience. Our vast portfolio boasts over 330 brands, which allows us to manage projects from any budget, with any expectation

Our technology platform also allows us to curate and present our customers with our proposals in a highly innovative way; granting customers, house managers or representatives the ability to place orders and scroll through our products seamlessly. Easily accessible from any device, our platform allows you to explore our products and make a purchase at the drop of a hat – anywhere in the world.

Having such a deep focus on bespoke is definitely one of our greatest strengths. Not only do we provide our services and cater for a number of high-street and luxury brands, we also work alongside exclusive brands; offering a tailored approach. We are meticulous in everything we do, down to the smallest of details.


Since joining Dahlgren Duck as Managing Director in September 2019, how has the company evolved in terms of its emphasis placed on using new technologies?

AH: The fact that we were unable to meet our customers in person during the course of the pandemic has definitely sped up the process. Launching a company in a new region in the midst of a global pandemic was a huge challenge, but having our online platform allowed us to still frequently communicate with our customers and send our presentations and proposals to them. This has been a smoother, far more viable process, and in that sense, the circumstances of not being able to meet were a blessing in disguise as they made us invest more in this platform.


How have you ensured that it is user-friendly for client and crew to use?

AH: Crew have benefitted immensely from our online service and have expressed how thankful they are that it exists. They are able to view online what they have installed, including a variety of images, descriptions, the price they paid for it, and are able to reorder items with ease. It is a seamless, uncomplicated process, and takes away the hassle for crew and house-managers.


Are there still alternate ways to handle replenishments and new orders for technophobic clients or those who might prefer to see and feel the items in person before confirming their purchase? 

AH: Behind any technological platform there is always a person checking and verifying that every order is correct and has been ordered as it should. For those who cannot or do not want to order via the platform, we pride ourselves on having a talented and highly experienced team of product managers who are constantly in touch with our customers who are happy to meet the needs via our usual channels of email, phone, and in person, which is something we have deeply missed.

We are a very future-orientated company, but we at our customers disposal in the sense that if they want to touch, feel and experience physical samples in person, we are always here to welcome you through our doors. We take our investment in technology seriously, however there is not much out there that can replace the value of face to face to contact. Whether it's our product managers or board members, we are always ready to fly out and meet our customers in person in a moment's notice.

Have you considered where else in the world you would like to be based?

AH: We have a big focus on the Middle East. We are also currently delivering products in the Asian Pacific which is a new region for us. We have a great warehouse centre in London which distributes our products in the UK and handles all quality checks and packaging, along with our warehouse in the Netherlands, which serves our EU customers. It also acts as a hub for Middle East and Asian Pacific-based products, and serves all main shipyards in Europe. Wherever there is a professional that needs bespoke support, we will be there for them. The sky is the limit.


Can you tell us about your plans for Mayfair?

AH: One of our main milestones for this year is the opening of our brand new studio in Mayfair. For Dahlgren Duck, this is truly a landmark moment. It will act as an incredible networking hub to welcome our customers, meet our partners, launch products and introduce stakeholders. Ultimately, it will become a spectacular meeting point; the very heart of where our industry will be making connections – both in business, and on a personal level.


Do you see further technological implementation playing an important role in Dahlgren Duck’s future, and what is your biggest aim for 2022?

AH: We want to grow in every sense. Our expansion is intended to be both technological and physical. We want to continue to move to various more places around the world, not just for the sake of growing, but to ensure that our customers receive a better, more intimate service in different regions and are able to interact with us on a human level.

Along with the opening of our studio, we also can't wait to bring new, exciting brands to our portfolio that offer unique experiences. We have an impressive base of artisans and craftsman that we also want to continue to support and expand, because there lies the very core of what makes our products personalised and part of a boutique service. Each product is made with a meticulous attention to detail. We acknowledge that each individual is different, and that's why our clients remain so dedicated to us.

"Each product is made with a meticulous attention to detail. We acknowledge that each individual is different, and that's why our clients remain so dedicated to us."

Alejandro Hahn, Managing Director, Dahlgren Duck


"Each product is made with a meticulous attention to detail. We acknowledge that each individual is different, and that's why our clients remain so dedicated to us."

Alejandro Hahn, Managing Director, Dahlgren Duck
By Heather Collier