Dalmore Unveils Ultra-Rare 51-Year Whiskey

By Paul Joseph

World-renowned single malt whisky distillery The Dalmore has unveiled a limited edition whisky so rare that one bottle will set you back more than a Tesla car.

Part of the brand’s 2020 range, the single malt was produced by master distiller Richard Paterson and has been matured for some 51 years

The whisky has been aged in a mix of casks that once held bourbon, Port Colheita 1938 or sherry, with the resulting spirit including exotic hints of liquorice, Morello cherries, balsamic vinegar and caramel.

While the blend mainly boasts flavours of plum, ginger and warm vanilla, it is rounded off with subtle notes of rich chocolate and tropical pineapple.

Similar to Dalmore’s previous special and rare releases, the exclusive blend comes bottled in custom crystal decanters with polished silver stoppers packaged in hand-crafted, sycamore cases lined with quilted leather.

Only 51 bottles of the spirit are available worldwide.

Along with the 51-year limited-edition single malt, Dalmore are also set to to unveil three bottles of a rare 60-Year-Old single malt for 2020.

By Paul Joseph