Darmaki Sets Foot Into Fashion World

By P. Joseph

Amongst the new collections on display during Paris Fashion Week earlier this month was a debut range from luxury footwear maker Darmaki.

Created by Emirati designer Sultan Al Darmaki, the stunning collection of 15 models of women’s shoes includes an array of exotic materials such as python, emerald, and cobalt, as well as extravagant jewel-embellished and feather-frilled designs.

The collection is the result of 13 month’s work by Darmaki and his team of Italian designers, all focused on producing the first high-end women’s shoe brand to come out of the United Arab Emirates.

"When I first got the prototypes I can't even describe how it felt to hold in my hand some of the pieces that I have made, because until you actually hold it, it doesn't feel real,” Mr Al Darmaki told The National website.

Hailing from a distinguished Emerati family, Darmaki has been able to call upon the support of both immediate relatives and across the region in order to create the new fashion brand.

"You won't believe the kind of support we got from the Middle Eastern market," he said.

"It was amazing; even just talking about it gives me goose bumps. From friends and family, people who are anticipating putting the brand in the market, people who want to buy the pieces."

Darmaki plans to stock his products at retail stores both locally and internationally, before eventually launching a flagship store in London.

By P. Joseph