De Bethune DB28 Timepiece Features 5,000-Year-Old Cosmic Rock

By Paul Joseph

There was a time when the earthly materials of gold, bronze and silver represented the apex of luxury for the jewellery world – but no longer.

Swiss watchmaker De Bethune has created a stunning new timepiece containing pieces of a 5,000-year-old meteorite.

The cosmic rock featuring in this remarkable watch, called the DB28, was sourced from Santiago del Estero in Argentina, and was unearthed by scientists in 2016.

The watch boasts a deep blue disc in place of a regular dial, which is formed from a heated alloy of iron and nickel. On the disc is emblazoned a star-studded sky in blued hand-polished iron meteorite with white gold stars.

The 42.6mm case, in blued and hand-polished titanium, is water resistant to 30 metres and also showcases a double AR-coated sapphire crystal within it. Furthermore, its screwed case back comes in polished 18-karats rose gold as can also be seen on the watches’ linear power reserve indicator and its hands.

Other notable features include an extra-supple alligator leather strap with alligator padding and a mirror-polished and blued titanium and 18kt rose gold ardillon buckle.

No surprise that tis watch comes with a hefty price. TheDB28 by De Bethune is retailing for  $277,940.

By Paul Joseph