De Watère: The Unadulterated Taste of Champagne

By Paul Joseph

The story of De Watère begins in 2011 when Martin A. Konorza made what he would later describe as “the best decision of his life”. A grand statement it may have been, but it also demonstrated the passion that has driven him to create one of the world’s finest champagne brands.

Making a profession out of a passion is, of course, the holy grail for most of us, but only a small few achieve this goal. Mr Konorza’s journey to such a place began with a vision to create a product that made life’s special occasions even more memorable.

That vision was inspired by none other than his French ancestors who date back even further than the very first champagne itself.

“My first ancestor on record by the name of ‘De Watère’ was a Frenchman who was given a mention in the Doomsday Book in England in 1086,” he says. “Naturally, I want to do justice to this special legacy. That’s what spurs me on to give my best every day and only offer products that meet high standards in terms of quality and design.”

Anyone who has sampled De Watère will attest that those standards have not just been met, but exceeded. Combining traditional production methods with modern product design, he has created premium sparkling wines that are enjoyed by an exclusive group of discerning drinkers the world over.

Grown and bottled in Vallée de la Marne in the historical province of champagne in northeast France, De Watère cuvées are fine blends of grapes from two consecutive vintages. As only top-grade grapes from each harvest are used, the cuvées can only be produced in very small quantities, further enhancing the brand’s exclusivity.

De Watère also benefits from the optimal conditions for growing grapes found at its vineyard. Here the climate is characterised by a low annual rainfall and a high number of sunshine hours, allowing the grapes to reach the ideal level of ripeness, thus enhancing the freshness and finesse of the finished product.

Another of the brand’s USPs is that work is carried out, where possible, by hand alone. The grapes are exclusively hand-picked, and the vineyards ploughed by horses. This is gentler on the sensitive soil and avoids the emission of pollutants, not only benefitting the environment but also the quality and purity of the grapes.

So what would Mr Konorza say has been his great revelations since entering the business that he now calls a labour of love?

“The thing that fascinates me most about the industry are the contrasts,” he says. “Life in the Champagne region is the direct opposite of the glamorous world of champagne we have come to know. The people are very warm and prefer a simple life. Nobody there gets excited about the luxury of the product.”

And with that very sentiment he served to encapsulate the brand he has created – an authentic, unadulterated taste of champagne that invites you to embrace an unvarnished life and the humble pleasures of the soil. Just your glass and you.

Champagne De Watère products are sold exclusively to a select clientele via their online shop or direct distribution. For more information about the brand, visit the official website here

By Paul Joseph