Debbie Wingham Creates “World’s Most Expensive Black Dress”

By Paul Joseph

The world’s most expensive black dress, created by British fashion designer Debbie Wingham, debuted at Ukraine Fashion Week earlier this month.

The dress, which boasts 25 two carat black diamonds adorning the peplum and a further 25 two carat black diamonds on the shoulder shrug, was showcased at The Fairmont Grand Hotel Kiev.

Guests at the lavish event included renowned figures from the worlds of fashion and society who came to witness the dramatic dress, which weighs an impressive 29 lbs, in all of its glory.

Designer Wingham, who sewed the dress herself, has described the frock as "an anthem for a beautiful woman who loves life."

As well as its black diamonds, the dress also features fine beading and delicate pointer white diamonds set in white gold with a fine chain mail detail.

It first launched in June on the roof top terrace of the Billionaires’ Club at the Fairmont hotel in Monte Carlo.

The dress is priced at £3.7 million ($5.7m).

By Paul Joseph