DeepFlight Dragon Teams up with Princess Yachts 40m M Class

By Paul Joseph

DeepFlight, the California-based manufacturer of deep-water submersibles has partnered with renowned British yacht maker Princess Yachts to Integrate a DeepFlight Dragon Submarine into their 8th 40m M Class Yacht.

"With the lightest weight and smallest footprint of any personal submarine on the market today, DeepFlight’s ‘Dragon’ was designed specifically for ease of operation whilst aboard luxury yachts,” said a DeepFlight spokesman in a statement.

“As a special project between DeepFlight and Princess Yachts, the 8th 40M M Class was the perfect platform to ensure the submarine could be launched and recovered from the yacht’s garage with ease.

“The Lloyd’s certified ‘Dragon’ personal submarine engineered by DeepFlight compliments the award-winning M Class from Princess and enhances the yachting experience for owners and guests aboard - who desire the ultimate underwater experience.

Currently in build, the 8th 40M M Class is scheduled to be completed in 2018 and delivered to its owner shortly after.

DeepFlight has been selling its submarines to the superyacht market since 2009.

By Paul Joseph