Destination Clubs: The newest wave in world exploration


From beach houses and city condos to ski chalets and mountain retreats, Destination Clubs allow members to exclusively access a portfolio of fully-furnished, luxury properties in a multitude of stunning top-class destinations around the world.

Exclusive Resorts

Recently named the world’s leading luxury Destination Club in Robb Report’s 21st annual Best of the Best issue, Exclusive Resorts has only cemented its already strong presence in the Fractional Ownership field. With an emphasis on family, the Club has over 400 homes in 37 locations from Hawaii and France to Australia and Antarctica.

The Club’s residences also include apartments on world-class cruise ships and feature unique vacation experiences as part of its portfolio. Exclusive Resorts is now in its fifth year of combining the best of luxury resorts with the spaciousness and elegance of private residences.

Members of Exclusive Resorts pay a one-time member fee which is 75% refundable upon resignation from the club. Additionally, members pay annual dues which correspond with their desired level of yearly travel; from 10 to 60 days.

Membership fees start from US$160,000 and annual dues are generally just under US$1,000 per day on most membership plans. The Club currently has more than 3,400 members and a real estate portfolio valued at approximately US$1.1 billion.

The Hideaways Club

Unlike many other Destination Clubs, The Hideaways Club also allows members to grant friends, family or business associates holiday time in any one of the company’s properties. Members become shareholders in the entire portfolio featuring stunning homes in a whole host of different destinations designed to suit varying family needs and occasions.

The Club currently has properties in Europe, the Mediterranean, Middle East, Indian Ocean and Asia. There are also plans to expand into South Africa and South East Asia, increasing the 12 strong portfolio to eventually include 100 properties in more than 30 locations. Each home includes a Local Concierge, daily housekeeping, pool and gardens, top-class audio-visual equipment, book, games, music and DVD collections, internet, luxury Manchester, Molten Brown toiletries and kitchen essentials.

To gain membership, owners pay a once off membership fee and also an Annual Cost Contribution yearly, the costs of which vary with the membership option. The Annual Cost Contribution (ACC) goes directly to the upkeep of the properties, as well as operational and maintenance costs, utility bills, insurance, local taxation charges and Concierge services.

Members can choose from a variety of membership options depending on their desired travel and usage intentions. Members are awarded Destination Points which are distributed depending on which membership category is chosen. Premium Members (£235,000/£14,000 ACC) can use the properties year-round, while Lifestyle Membership (£160,000/£9,333 ACC) is aimed at those who prefer to travel during the quieter times of the year.

Associate Membership (£122,500, £7,000) is the most basic option and is designed for those who only desire property use for two to three weeks during the year. New memberships every year are restricted so the Club can maximise availability and protect their status of privacy and exclusivity.

The Oyster Circle

This Destination Club has restricted membership of only 400 individuals and their families and is designed to offer holiday luxury like no other. The focus of this exclusive club is service, where everything from organisation, management and on-site pampering is expected to be absolute first-class.

Each member has a dedicated Private Personal Assistant to advise, plan and deliver on all aspects of the vacation, while a Concierge takes over once the trip begins. The Circle hosts 67 private multi-million euro mansions within its portfolio, all of which are available to every guest. Current locations include Europe, USA, Caribbean, and South Africa with plans to expand into more countries in the near future.

The Oyster Circle offers three types of membership, each of which requires a one-time Preference Share Subscription Fee plus an Annual Subscription Fee. Corporate membership, which can be used by up to five nominated users from a company costs €400,00 with an Annual Fee of €30,250 and includes 35 days of usage. Individual membership costs €330,000 with an Annual Fee of €21,000 or €25,200 depending on if 28 or 35 days are required.

Things to consider before becoming a Destination Club member:
• Research how much money your selected club allocates for home purchases. There is a big difference between size, location and quality of holiday homes which cost £5 million and those that cost £3 million.

• Determine how you would prefer to spend your time. If you enjoy the ski season, look for those clubs that invest heavily in mountainous regions. Keen golfers, beach-lovers and city socialites can also locate those clubs with homes in their favourite or dream destinations.

• Examine the individual benefits of each club. Some offer around-the-clock concierge services and personal assistants, while others include superior home furnishings and added entertainment options that may appeal to your holiday tastes.

• Ensure you perform a background check. It is usually a good idea to research how many current members a club has and how membership has flowed, whether its properties are leased or owned, and how it handles refund issues.

"The Club has over 400 homes in 37 locations from Hawaii and France to Australia and Antarctica"


"The Club has over 400 homes in 37 locations from Hawaii and France to Australia and Antarctica"