Diamond Studded Ring A World Record Beater

By Paul Joseph

A ring named the ‘Tsarevna Swan’ has found its way into the Guinness Book of World Records for being studded with the most number of diamonds of any ring in the world.

Designed and manufactured by Ukranian classic jewellery house Lobortas, the ring carries a total of 2,525 diamonds and took 530 hours to create.

Indian diamond manufacturer Shrenuj Group supplied the diamonds, which are set in 18k white gold, with a total weight of 10.48 carats.

According to Lobortas, the ring was inspired by a Russian fable about a swan that becomes a princess.

The ring is currently being showcased in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev and will be taken across various other exhibitions globally.

Lobortas has set the price of the ring at $1.3 million.

By Paul Joseph