Diamonds Are A Car’s Best Friend

By P. Joseph

Harald A. Møller, a Norwegian Audi importer, has teamed up with Heyerdahl Jewellery Design to create a lavish collection of adornments for Audi cars, including a diamond gearstick.

The Audi A1 Diamond Edition also includes a diamond necklace and a cosmetic box filled with exclusive products from perfume house Guerlain.

Released in just 57 cars, the gearstick features 24 diamonds, totaling 0.48 carat, whilst the necklace is encrusted with ten diamonds.

Aditionally, the Audi A1 Diamond Edition logo, where the D and E have been joined together in the shape of infinity, can be seen on the fenders and boot hatch of the car

Jewellery designer Thomas Heyerdahl said: “I've always had a dream of combining these feelings in a car, to implement the diamonds on the aesthetic in a sophisticated and complete way. The concept has been a challenging and exciting task.

“Audi gave me no restrictions in developing the ideas that I had for this project. To work in a team with people who are the best in their fields has been a great inspiration and joy.”

By P. Joseph