Discommon Unveil $17,000 Aston Martin-Themed Coffee Table

By Paul Joseph

Design brand Discommon, renowned for its unique automobile-themed coffee tables that incorporate the shape of a supercar onto their surface, has added a new bespoke piece to its signature Automotive Icons Table series.

Celebrating the eye-catching design of the upcoming Aston Martin Valkyrie supercar, the limited edition tailor-made coffee table has the silhouette of a Valkyrie built onto its surface.

While the brand chose to use aluminium for crafting the previous automotive-themed tables from the series, this time it opted for solid domestic American hardwood blonde-streaked walnut.

“Creating an intricate wooden top design presents a set of completely different challenges to machining a block of aluminium,” says Discommon creator Neil Ferrier.

“It not only requires prepping the block of wood in an intelligent way to prevent warping and cracking during the machining process, but also tedious hand-sanding and hand-finishing to maintain the details and curvature of the automotive body.”

Each table required over 100 hours of effort, including 30 hours of 3D CAD modeling, 30 hours of prepping and bonding the wooden block, 27 hours of CNC machining, and finally three days of sanding and finishing to create the distinctive silhouette of the Aston Martin Valkyrie in wood.

The Aston Martin Valkyrie “Wake” Coffee Table is available in a limited run of just 10 units, each priced at $17,000.

By Paul Joseph