D.NEA Opens “World's First Synthetic Diamond Jewellery Store”

By Paul Joseph

D.NEA, a company that sells lab-grown diamonds via an online website, has opened a retail boutique in Greenville, South Carolina – billed as the world’s first synthetic diamond jewellery store.

Located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte, the new retail boutique was inaugurated with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the Greenville Chamber of Commerce on December 5th.

"Customers can now see the full variety and availability of lab-created diamonds with their own eyes,” says D.NEA's CEO, Eric Franklin.

D.NEA previously conducted business primarily online, but by virtue of its new store is now able to invite customers to learn about and view its synthetic diamonds in person.

“Plus, it is a great place to learn about lab-grown diamonds if you are not familiar with them.”

D.NEA uses high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) production presses based in Europe to manufacturer blue diamonds up to 1.50 carat, white diamonds up to 1 carat and yellow diamonds up to 2 carats.

The diamonds can be set into high-tech tension rings, designer fashion jewellery, wedding bands, engagement rings or other custom designed jewellery.

Unlike natural diamonds which come from the ground, synthetic diamonds are made by scientists with machines, and require a comparatively modest amount of electricity and resources.

By Paul Joseph