$1 million Gold Plated Nissan GTR Showcased in Dubai

By Paul Joseph

Among the array of stunning cars on display at the recent 2016 Automechanika car show in Dubai was a gold plated customised Nissan R35 GT-R.

Showcased by ace tuners and customisers of sports cars Kuhl Racing, the car is dubbed ‘Godzilla’, and is the result of a collaborative venture between Artis, Kuhl Racing and master engraver Takahiko Izawa.

Under the gold paint, the eye-catching GT-R has a 3.8 litre V6 twin turbo 545 hp engine, with additional horsepower and torque.

The car’s aerodynamic design combines with a reinforced body results in precision handling, while a unique matte finish delivers a subtle texture infused with remarkable durability.

“We have received several enquiries from elite Emirati personalities interested in purchasing this one of its kind car,” says Kazuyo Furusho, the main co-ordinator behind the project.

“Only one of its kind has been made in Japan and the only in the world. We are proud to display it here in Dubai, because the people of the UAE have better knowledge about cars and appreciate their value.”

The car is available to purchase for a cool $1 million.

By Paul Joseph