Dubai Development to Feature Luxury Floating Villas

By Paul Joseph

A community of 33 ultra-luxury villas designed to float on water is currently being developed in Dubai, in the latest in a long line of innovative real estate projects in the Emirati city.

Called the ‘Amilarah’, the uniquely buoyed homes are part of Oqyana World First, on The World, an artificial archipelago of over 300 islands, and have been designed in the face of rising sea levels.

The villas come with a swimming pool complete with a patio, trees and landscaping, and can be accessed via seaplanes or water boats.

Set to commence towards over the coming weeks, the luxury residential project will be overseen by developer Dutch Docklands.

Completely stable on the water, the base of the island is built to last for far over 100 years and will create a new underwater habitat for sea life, the company states, adding, it is building similar islands in Maldives and in Miami in the US. Oqyana World First comprises high-end villas, apartments, hospitality and retail elements.

“We are offering floating private islands, tailor made to the clients specifications, based on our Dutch heritage of hundreds of years of working with the water,” Paul van de Camp, CEO of Amillarah said several months ago.

The high-tech floating homes are expected to be priced at around $23 million each.

By Paul Joseph