Dubai Hotel to Feature 271 Swimming Pools

By Paul Joseph

A new hotel concept is coming to Dubai this year complete with an incredible 271 individual swimming pools, one for almost every apartment.

Located in the heart of one of emirates’ newest districts, Jumeirah Village Circle, the FIVE Jumeirah Village Dubai property will feature hotel rooms and suites as well as residential apartments.

All 221 one and two-bedroom apartments and 33 four-bedroom apartments will come with their own private pools, bringing the total number of pools (including others in the building) to a remarkable 271.

Elsewhere in the building there will be rich sky gardens featuring a “vertical micro-climate” with over a half a million square foot of fauna – a welcome addition to green-bereft Dubai.

The building is the brainchild of Real Estate Developer, Nabil Akiki, with his designs being patented and trademarked by FIVE in 168 countries.

Other notable features will include eye-catching 200-degree views of Dubai’s skyline from each apartment.

By Paul Joseph