Dubai’s Floating Seahorse Villa: Yours for $3.3 Million

By Paul Joseph

The Middle Eastern urban oasis of Dubai is constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility with their real estate offerings – and this latest proposition is one of the most striking yet.

Enter Dubai’s stunning underwater homes, also known as the Floating Seahorse Villas, a collection of 125 aquatic palaces that each come with a $3.3 million price tag.

One of the villas is a 4,000 square foot mansion spread over three levels and has four sleeping areas. But its stand-out feature, once complete, will be that it is submerged underwater and allows residents to view a magnificent coral garden from its windows.

Other notable elements to the home include an underwater master bedroom, entertainment room, and beautiful deck.

The Floating Seahorse Villas are part of an archipelago of islands called The World which is to be anchored 2.5 miles off the coast, close enough to offer views of the vibrant city. Six of these islands comprise the Heart of Europe project, which aims to create a luxury tourist resort inspired by popular European countries.

The floating houses are also likely to be heavily customisable spaces that can be transformed from party palaces to serene getaways, depending on the owner’s demands and tastes.

The project is expected to be complete next year, but three of the initial floating homes have already sold.

By Paul Joseph