Ducati Unveil Luxury Electric Bike at Milan Show

By Paul Joseph

Italian luxury motorbike makers Ducati have used the Milan Motorcycle Show to unveil their latest creation – a luxury electric mountain bike.

Called the MIG-RR, the e-MTB was spawned out of the collaboration between Ducati and fellow Italian compay Thok Ebikes. Although it is an offshoot of the popular MIG series produced by Thok, the e-MTB features some unique technical solutions, courtesy of the Ducati Design Center.

Among the unique features on the Ducati MIG-RR, perhaps the stand-out is the addition of differently-sized wheels – with a 29-incher in front, for rolling up and over obstacles, and a faster-accelerating 27.5-incher in the rear.

This helps makes it a true endurance bike that meets the needs of even the most highly demanding of riders.

The MIG-RR is equipped with a Shimano Steps E8000 motor powered by a 504 Wh battery. The motor is placed right next to the crank while the battery is mounted on the underside of the down tube.

“E-mountain bikes let cyclists take on climbs that, without the motor boost, wouldn’t be possible,” Ducati said in a statement.

“At the same time, they allow everyone to live off-road on two wheels in total freedom. E-mountain bike sales are booming worldwide.”

The Ducati e-MTB is currently not being offered to the US market. European buyers can get their hands on one when orders begin in January, although pricing is yet to be confirmed.

Ducati was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1926.

By Paul Joseph