Duval-Leroy Creates “World’s First Vegan Champagne”

By Paul Joseph

French champagne producer Duval-Leroy has joined the vegan revolution by announcing that its range of champagnes will now be 100% vegan.

According to the company, the move to adopt vegan manufacturing techniques will not only help the environment but will also boost the quality of their product.

Charles Duval-Leroy explained: “To become 100% Vegan, we needed 20 years’ experience. A colossal project was mounted to arrive at a method of natural clarification, mainly through the lengthening of time spent in vat or in barrel.

“In this way the wines retain all their taste, giving Champagnes which are both rich and concentrated.

“It’s the perfect culmination and complement to all the work that precedes it in the vineyard, in harmony with nature. With an effervescence that is even more refined, more delicate… more dynamic!”

It is believed that Duval-Leroy are the first French company to become 100% vegan friendly.

The company was founded in 1859 when Edouard Leroy, a wine trader from the town of Villers-Franqueux, formed a partnership with Jules Duval, a grape-grower and winemaker from Vertus, Today Duval-Leroy comprises 200 hectares of vines under cultivation.

By Paul Joseph