Elie Saab Designs Fashionable Superyacht

By B. Roberts

Elie Saab, the world renowned fashion designer, has recently made his move into the superyacht industry by designing the ES 117 to accompany his expansive fashion portfolio.

The Unveiling of Elie Saab’s 117m superyacht concept took place in the Yas Marina at the Abu Dhabi Yacht show last week.

His entrance into the unveiling was presented like a high end fashion show with models dotted around the design and speeches from key representatives alongside Saab himself.

Key speakers noted that “the future owner of ES117 will not acquire a majestic superyacht but a piece of art”. The design was a collaboration piece between Elie Saab, Weyves Couture and Oceanco that presented a concept that will fit in well with those who follow Elie Saabs fashion movements.

Born in Beirut, Saab has been designing fashionable clothing since a very young age but now having recently opened his first UK store in Harrods and a flagship Parisian store his designs for the rich and the famous have now been taken into a new dimension.

“I always sought to represent my vision of modernity and elegance beyond the conventional limits of fashion. Designing a yacht and conceiving its art of living constitutes a perfect opportunity to expand my brand’s universe by creating the experience of luxury,” said Elie Saab on the new creation.

The superyacht concept would be perfectly suited for those who follow Saab as instead of filling a wardrobe with breakthrough clothing. People can now control 117 metres of fashion around any desirable destination in premium comfort.

By B. Roberts