Embraer Designs Private Jet With Door-Sized Windows

By Paul Joseph

Brazilian aerospace conglomerate Embraer has designed a new private jet featuring windows the same size as airplane doors.

The new Lineage 1000 business jet is billed as transforming the way people fly, but without compromising safety or efficiency.

Plane windows are usually created small to avoid reducing the structural integrity of the plane, or add weight. However Embraer has created alternative windows that will be positioned where doors normally are.

These windows will use modern anti-fogging protection and electrochromic glass to enable tunable tint and shading of the multilayer window. Electric shades will prevent any light from getting in when passengers are sleeping.

The Lineage 1000 business jet will also feature several other lavish upgrades including a two person shower.

Embraer was founded by Ozires Silva in 1969.

By Paul Joseph