Embraer Private Jets Inspired by the Art Deco Era

By Paul Joseph

Most private jet makers pride themselves on being at the cutting edge of contemporary design, but Embraer have bucked the trend by creating an aircraft inspired by the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 30s.

The bespoke jet comes in a series of two, both featuring a striking retro style straight out of the so-called “Roaring” decades that came during the first half of the 21st century.

Called the Manhattan Airship and the Hollywood Airship, both models will be packed with lavish design details from this era.

The Manhattan Airship features mahogany interiors with gold and brass accents as well as a metallic entry mural that pays tribute to the Leif Neandross-designed work in the lobby of the Empire State Building. The jet also has a bar that takes design cues from the Chrysler Building and a large window that offers a nod to renowned interior designer Jean-Michel Frank.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood Airship was inspired by old Hollywood films and boasts backlit crystal structures, marble detailing, and 3D sculpted leather reliefs depicting Sunset Tower, Howard Hughes’ flying boat and eye-catching cars from the 1930s

The aircrafts, which have been proposed as charter jets, are comprised of five cabin zones, three of which are intended as common spaces for passengers to mingle and relax, while a fourth forms a salon for more private gatherings and meetings. The fifth cabin is a dining space called the Crystal Room featuring Embraer’s Upper Technology Panel, which provides clients with flight information at a glance.

The jets can accommodate up to 19 passengers and are billed as housing the largest in-flight accessible baggage compartment in business aviation, plus an optional master suite with a stand-up, two-person shower and bed.

Once built, each of the jets is expected to cost around $80 million.

By Paul Joseph