eShores Create World’s Most Expensive Vacation Concept

By Paul Joseph

Luxury travel and tourism company eShores has created a conceptual trip of a lifetime by rounding up the locations mentioned in some of the most memorable TV shows made by legendary nature broadcaster David Attenborough.

In order to follow in the steps of Attenborough and the production teams of his various shows, such as Blue Planet, Planet Earth and Frozen Planet, the concept adventure invites guests to traverse more than 350,000 miles.

The trip would include a total of 175 flights along with several car and a train journeys, resulting in its theoretical price of over £400,000, including all flights, hotels and excursions such as diving trips, and safaris.

The fantasy idea is the result of some extensive research by the eShores team, and breaks down down the travel costs and routes for each of Attenborough’s individual programme.

One of Britain’s most famous and revered figures, David Attenborough is widely considered a national treasure.

Based in the UK, eShores specialise in luxury tailor-made and multi centre holidays, and claim that any destination or itinerary is possible with them.

By Paul Joseph