Everything You Need in 12m - Astondoa 377 Coupe

By Freya Cottrell

Promising to be everything you need within 12 metres, the Spanish luxury shipyard Astondoa is proposing customisation at it’s finest for its 377 Coupe. Offering a palette of nine colours in which to customise the 377 Coupe - all inspired by the archetypal colours of the Mediterranean - Astondoa has created a boat imbued with the young and risky spirit quintessential of the Astondoa range.

Inspired by the silhouette of the blue whale and the elegance and speed in which it moves through water, the 377 Coupe’s unique hull design is an angled and aerodynamic masterpiece that exhibits an ease of movement in even the most demanding of waters. The speed and agility that the hull provides coupled with the robustness and stability that the 3.56m beam offers, has resonated with a younger and riskier audience who are ready to push the boundaries of pleasure cruising. With a max speed of 36 knots and a cruising speed of 28 knots the 377 Coupe is designed with speed in mind. 

The precision of the design of the 377 Coupe is immaculate, from the versatility of its rooms to the perfectly planned cabins located on the lower deck, everything you need in a pleasure craft is fitted into her 12 metres. The design of the aft main deck allows for ample space no matter what it is being utilised for; the section can transform between living room, dining room and solarium all with the movement of the backrests of the two benches. Numerous storage options under the seats provide ample stowing space for the fenders or even refrigerators and what cannot be stowed on the main deck will find plenty of space below on the lower deck. 

The master cabin, equipped with a large comfortable bed, TV and bathroom with separate shower - usually unheard of for a vessel this length -  is both functional and spacious and yet still leaves room for a secondary cabin, a twin room which shares the luxurious detail and finishes of the main cabin. 

For clients seduced by the model, Astondoa are now asking the question: “What colour would you dress your 377 Coupe?”. The answer can be found in the colour configurator included in the Astondoa website. These are the stunning colours that are now available: Mykonos Navy, Formentera Blue, Saint Tropez White, Gold Tarifa, Capri Anthracite, Deep Sea Black, Cinque Terra Red, Nice Silver and Portofino Green. 

Whether owners choose based solely on their favourite hue or on the affinity that they have to the Mediterranean location attributed to the colour, there is a colour option to suit every palate. To view the colour options in full visit the Astondoa website. 

With more than 100 years of experience, Astondoa have been manufacturing boats for four generations. Every task from: woodwork, mechanical and upholstery processes are performed by its skilled staff within the shipyard. The company has professionalism, reliability and quality woven into its DNA which is why it continues to be a leader in the yachting industry. Opting to focus on custom building as opposed to mass producing yacht designs, Astondoa’s exclusive clientele receive yachts tailored to their exact preferences. No two Astondoa yachts are exactly alike. 

By Freya Cottrell