Evolution in Bespoke Safes Continues with Stockinger Platinum Series

By Paul Joseph

No-one has done more to glamourise the world of safe deposit boxes than Stockinger Bespoke Safes.

Founded by Hans Stockinger in 1978, the German company has earned an unrivalled reputation for its fusion of impeccable design with a level of uncompromising security never before seen in a commercially available safe.

Indeed, the company wears as a badge of honour the most incredible track record within the industry: since 1978, no Stockinger safe has  been opened by force – and it is a statistic they fully intend to hold on to.

Next in the Stockinger line-up to continue this legacy and take its philosophy to even greater heights is the brand new Platinum Series, a fully customisable black-in-black edition that wouldn’t look out of place in a Bond movie.  

Available for Stockinger’s existing portfolio of  100% custom made safes including CUBE, SIRIUS, CHIMERA & PHOENIX, the new Platinum edition bears all the classic Stockinger hallmarks, including stunning attention to detail on both the exterior and interior, with the added visual drama of a platinum sheen.

As such, this new range continues to demonstrate that when it comes to beautiful design and flawless functionality, Stockinger’s ’Made in Germany’ label remains the benchmark for all others.

Naturally, as with all Stockinger safes, the Platinum range features within its components lavish watch winders and jewellery drawers, perfect for anyone who owns a precious timepiece or cherished trinkets.

Together these attributes provide Stockinger’s clients with absolute peace of mind along with the recognisable sense of pride and satisfaction that comes with owning something they love.

Quite simply, rarely do beauty and functionality come together in such perfect harmony as they do with Stockinger Bespoke Safes.

For more information about the Platinum Series, or any other Stockinger products, visit www.stockinger.com. Additionally, if you have any personal security consulting needs, you can contact Stockinger’s CEO Matthias Fitzthum at [email protected].

By Paul Joseph