Exclusive Escapes: A Luxury Wellness Retreat in Turkey

By Christina Tsangaris

Life in the healthy lane has never been more appetizing, and no one does it better than Hillside Beach Club in Turkey. The hotel’s ethos of ‘feeling good’ comes to a crux during the annual Feel Good Week, where guests can find inner peace through a holistic approach to wellbeing and exclusive experiences ranging from meditation, breath coaching, hiking, dance yoga sessions and nutritious meal plans.

Designed to help guests see out the summer feeling their best, the cleansing escape aims to send every attendee home imbued with strength, clarity and peace of mind.  The team at Hillside believe feeling good is not just a physical sensation, but also a state of mind.  Feel Good Week has been specially created to harbour growth and development within every type of welfare.  From Flower Therapy to Full Moon Meditation, the resort caters to every wellness whim.  Even fitness fanatics will return with newfound health wisdom and a Hillside spring in their step.

Yoga Meets Cardio
Along with classic yoga classes enjoyed on Hillside’s Silent Beach or atop a boat at sunset, this year the hotel is welcoming two expert House of VOGA instructors from London. Inspired by Madonna’s classic hit 'Vogue', VOGA is about striking strong, confident, aligned poses to increase flexibility, energy flow, and boost confidence and serotonin. While yoga reduces stress and increases calm and balance, physical and mental, VOGA also answers the cardiovascular demand that ensures a healthy heart and expressive soul. It’s a fabulously fun way to get fit, burning calories and improving blood circulation and detoxification whilst strengthening mind and body and is all to the sound of an 80’s house beat.

Mandala Workshop
Enlighten the mind and begin healing from the inside. Hillside’s Mandala workshop will allow guests to immerse themselves in a unique creative experience, involving dream symbols that represent the search for completeness and self-unity.   An antidote to stress, guests will leave the class feeling peaceful and content.
Breath Therapy & Meditation
Guests can learn the art of meditation with Hillside’s expert instructors, surrounded by the peaceful sound of birdsong and views of the beautiful Aegean Sea. Breath therapy will be available for those looking to reach a higher level of calm through the application of conscious breathing techniques.
Fresh Start Detox Menu
New for 2020, Hillside Beach Club has created a special Fresh Start Package, offering a healthy, immune-boosting menu that promises both an indulgent and revitalising dining experience. Guests can choose from a three or seven-day menu designed by the resort’s expert dietician, free of any additional charge. Prepared on a daily basis with fresh local ingredients, each meal will include a balanced three courses with additional fresh cold-press juices available.
Human Design
The team at Hillside know that along with challenging your body to reach new physical limits, optimum health is also reached through looking inwards.  Human Design workshops allow spiritually minded guests to assess their body’s consciousness through a Body Graph, combining astrology and genetic design to become your most decisive and mindful self.  
Awaken the Senses
Whether through the multi-sensory art of Soundala that explores healing through sounds, or immersive flower therapy to find inner calm, Hillside has ensured every form of detox is available.   For physical awakenings, guests can make use of Hillside’s state of the art water sports facilities with one of a kind wakeboarding, deep-sea diving and sunset sailing cruises.

Guests can mix and match from the choice of invigorating classes and programmes to tailor-make their own remedy to the soul, body and mind, all against the idyllic backdrop of private beaches, a treetop spa and open ocean at Hillside Beach Club. Feel Good Week celebrates the power of healthy living, encouraging guests young and old to explore their own potential and proves wellness to be an adventure fit for all. 

By Christina Tsangaris