Excursionist.com Offers Bespoke Luxury Travel Experiences

By Paul Joseph

Luxury travel has moved on a level since the ages of opulent steam trains and Concorde flights to New York. Nowadays intrepid travellers are increasingly looking for extraordinary experiences that combine the best amenities with a dramatic sense of adventure.

One company to step up to the plate is Excursionist.com. Founded by Norman Aynbinder, the online business creates tailor-made, once-in-a-lifetime ‘Experiences’ for its customers based around their specific passions and interests.

But where Excursionist really go the extra mile is with their use of a concierge team whose expertise lies not just in travel, but also the worlds of conservation, science, public affairs and the arts. These specialists act as advisers in helping create bespoke vacations, ensuring that the client receives an authentic, inspirational experience.

Superyachts.com spoke with Mr Aynbinder to find out more about the exclusive online travel business.

How does Excursionist.com work in terms of membership?
There are two levels of membership. A new visitor to the site can register for a complimentary membership, which gives access to a changing menu of experiences around the world.

There is also a paid membership level, which provides access to a travel concierge, first look at new experiences and special events, etc.

What would you describe as your target demographic?
Our target demographic are busy professionals between the ages of 30 and 65 years old who live in major metropolitan cities in the UK, United States, the rest of Europe, Australia, and India, and travel extensively for business and pleasure. They have limited time to devote to travel planning, but strong passions they want to explore when on holiday.

How does the concierge element of the service work?
Our travel concierges are experts in geographical areas and interest areas. They are able to take a members' specific interests and create a customized experience that fulfills their dreams and focuses on their passions.

We can of course also do end-to-end planning including booking flights, arranging transportation, making special reservations for dining and entertainment and arranging special access. The concierge service is available to complimentary members for a small fee and to our paid members gratis.

Are there any plans to expand your scope of destinations?
We currently have experiences in 23 countries listed on the website, but our network of specialized contacts extends to over 40 countries. We are adding experiences in 10 new countries in February - including Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Portugal, Nicaragua, Japan, New Zealand, Uruguay and Chile.

Do you have a favourite Experience the company has curated for a client?
We were able to arrange for a recent client to meet young political activists from the Egyptian revolution. They really got an amazing look into recent history with people that made history happen.

By Paul Joseph