Eyos Expeditions and Triton Submarines Announce Partnership

By Paul Joseph

EYOS Expeditions have teamed up with Triton Submarines to offer intrepid superyacht travellers the chance to explore the depths of the ocean in some of the most remote locations on earth.

The partnership between superyacht expeditions company EYOS and submersible experts Tritron will allow the companies to work together on yacht design, yacht charters and scientific expeditions.

Working closely with yacht owners and charter clients, EYOS routinely guides vessels into seldom-visited areas. Meanwhile Triton’s ability to mobilise and operate a submersible virtually anywhere in the world will give clients the opportunity to explore the ocean far beyond normal cruising grounds.

EYOS Partner Rob McCallum said: “Combining the world’s foremost provider of superyacht expeditions with the world’s most sophisticated and advanced personal submarines is a
natural fit.

“Together, we can offer some true, once-in-a-lifetime experiences in areas that were virtually inaccessible to yachts only a few years ago!”

He added: “Many yacht owners are looking into submersible technology not just for the private adventure and unique experiences a sub can provide, but because it leads to real exploration and a chance to make a direct contribution to marine science.”

Marc Deppe, VP of Marketing for Triton, said: “The most exciting aspect of these remote, deep dives is that we will be taking people to places that no human has gone before.

“There could be true discovery on every dive – whether exploring underwater hydrothermal vents in the South Pacific or going to underwater trenches in Antarctica, we might see something never before documented.

“This could be the perfect opportunity to discover a species and name it after yourself!”

Triton Submarines is the world leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of manned submersibles.Triton offers several models ranging from 2-8 passengers with depth ratings of 1,000-5,500 feet, each designed specifically for integration and operation aboard private motor yachts.

EYOS Expeditions has been designing bespoke private superyacht expeditions since 2008

By Paul Joseph