Fabergé Design ‘Summer in Provence’ Timepiece

By Paul Joseph

World renowned jewellery house Fabergé has created a striking new timepiece inspired by the beauty of the Cote d’Azur in France.

Part of the brand’s ‘Summer in Provence’ high jewellery collection, the watch is designed to resemble a garland of flowers woven on a hot afternoon.

Precious gems are interlaced with coloured fine stones and hard-stone micro-sculptures, while interlocking precious ribbons move across a rounded pebble, in which the movement of the watch is housed.

Two flexible bands in the lower section are filled with enamel to highlight the “Fabergé” name with which the piece is emblazoned, while others, snow-set with precious gemstones, unfurl across the dial to envelop the case.

The softly shaped bracelet, made of diamonds strung together like beads on a necklace, caresses the wrist. In the centre, a tiny floral chain meanders over its entire length.

Founded in in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1842, Faberge rose to prominence before the First World War when it created jewelled eggs for members of Russia’s aristocracy. Post-war, after the Russian monarchy was toppled, it maintained its reputation and grew into a major global luxury brand.

In 2009 Faberge began to produce new contemporary collections.

By Paul Joseph