Fabergé Launches ‘The Art of Colour’ Campaign

By Paul Joseph

Iconic jewellery house Fabergé has revealed a new global advertising campaign called ‘The Art of Colour’

Photographed by Camilla Åkrans, the campaign images showcase the jeweller’s latest artistic creations featuring a myriad of captivating coloured gemstones, echoing one of Fabergé’s founding fortes.

The campaign provides a contemporary approach with a powerful and modern feel, capturing the house’s ethos of pure luxury, artistry and innovation. This cutting-edge spirit heralds the Fabergé, and the heirlooms, of tomorrow.

The visuals unveil Fabergé’s new colourful jewellery collections including the sensuous multi-gemstone Emotion rings, playful signature egg pendants, distinctive Treillage collection and spectacular cocktail rings, all displaying Fabergé’s exquisite use of enthralling coloured gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies, spinels and tsavorites, and including precious coloured gemstones by Gemfields.

Founded in in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1842, Faberge rose to prominence before the First World War when it created jewelled eggs for members of Russia’s aristocracy. Post-war, after the Russian monarchy was toppled, it maintained its reputation and grew into a major global luxury brand.

By Paul Joseph