Ferrari Create One-Off 1960s-Inspired Car for the Racetrack

By Paul Joseph

Inspired by the prototypes of the 1960s, Ferrari have built a one-of-kind racetrack model that took an incredible four years to create.

Named P80/C, the length of time it took to make the car represents Ferrari’s longest special project to date.

It was commissioned by a client passionate about the Ferrari prototypes of the 1960s, with work starting in 2015 by taking the Ferrari 488 GT3 racecar as the base.

Its inspirations are icons of yesteryear such as the 330 P3 and P4, the 350 Can Am, the Dino 206 SP and the 250 LM.

Built almost entirely out of carbon fibre, it carries the overall silhouette of the Ferrari 488 GT3, but has been given design elements to make it look much more aesthetically striking. The lines are much sharper, which along with the wraparound windshield gives it the appearance of a futuristic prototype.

Meanwhile the low and wide nose of the car and the sleek rear end are entirely covered by the large diffuser.

On the request of the client, the car can also be equipped with 18-inch centre-lock wheels and vast carbon-fibre rear wing for racing use, and can also be transformed into an “exhibition package” by putting on 21-inch wheels and fewer aero appendages.

The interior looks similar to the regular Ferrari 488 GT3 racer with a roll cage, carbon-fibre door cards, bucket seats, and other safety features.

There is no information on how much the customer spent on the one-off commission.

By Paul Joseph