Figueras put Bums on Seats

By S. Liu

Figueras International Seating, who specialise in seating solutions for public spaces, have now ventured into the domain of luxury yachts in their efforts to turn the prosaic act of sitting down into an experience akin to true luxury.

The Spanish company have been tasked with creating the seating for on-board cinemas on a number of yachts – marking a key moment as they look to stretch their presence across the luxury sector.

Previous Figueras projects have included everything from concert halls, convention centres and conference rooms to cinemas, theatres, airports and sports facilities around the world.

In 2009, Figueras and luxury jeweller Swarovski combined to create the first crystallized chair on the market.

More recently the company unveiled the 'Hollywood' model, designed for both public and home cinema settings. The chair is loaded with unique features, including an automatic electric mechanism allowing the occupant to adjust the position of the back and footrests without any noise.


By S. Liu