First Digital Audi Showroom Opens In London

By Paul Joseph

Audi City, the first digital showroom for the luxury German car brand, has opened in Central London.

Located close to Piccadilly Circus, the showroom digitally displays Audi’s entire model line-up in a compact space.

Visitors can select their chosen vehicle from several hundred million possible configurations and experience it in realistic 1:1 scale on screens that almost fill the entire space.

Audi sales chief Peter Schwarzenbauer said: “Audi City combines the best of two worlds – digital product presentation and personal contact with the dealer.”

He continued: “People are placing greater emphasis than ever before on a direct and personal bond of trust with their vehicle brand – especially in respect of the increasing variety of products and available information.”

“Thus, with Audi City, we are creating a one-stop-shop for experiencing our brand. It is right in the midst of our customers’ lives, yet seamlessly connected to the online range offered by the four rings.”

In addition to its daytime operations, the showroom will also play host to after-hours events, including readings, round-table discussions and exhibitions on issues such as urban development mobility, art, culture and design.

Audi say there are plans to open more than 20 digital showrooms worldwide by 2015.

By Paul Joseph