First ever 3D Printed Supercar Unveiled

By Paul Joseph

An American company has a unveiled the ultimate eco-friendly supercar boasting a chassis entirely printed in 3D.

Designed by Divergent Microfactories, the 700hp car – called ‘Blade’ – features a 3D-printed aluminium joint that connects pieces of carbon fibre tubing to make up the car’s chassis, before being assembled by hand.

The innovative idea was forged from an ambition to reduce the materials, energy, and costs of car manufacturing.

Furthermore, in addition to these benefits, the weight of the chassis is up to 90% lighter than traditional cars, resulting in better fuel economy and less wear on roads.

In terms of performance, its creators claim that the bi-fuel engine, which can use either compressed natural gas or gasoline, enables the car to go from 0-60mph in just 2.2 seconds.

Divergent Microfactories says it would like to “print” 10,000 of these chassis per year.

By Paul Joseph