First Powerboat Submarine Hybrid Nears Production

By B. Roberts

After years in development, the world’s first Powerboat Submarine Hybrid is soon to be put into production. When completed, the Powerboat Submarine will be available for a cool €3.5m.

The Marion designed Hyper Submersible Powerboat Design (HSPD) is ushering in a new era for superyacht toys and tenders in order to meet the growing luxury submersible market head on. The HSPD is a mean looking machine, resembling a high-tech gadget from a Bond film.

The design could very much be on its way to the commercial market, offering to blast the owner over the water at a speed of 40 knots, with a range of 500nm. The HSPD holds a sturdy 31ft body, utilising two powerful 440hp inboard diesel engines for a total output of 880hp.

The vessel does not just excel as a surface-cruiser; in dive mode the Powerboat-Submarine Hybrid can submerge and reach up to 250 feet, offering additional umbilical SCUBA support for a more personal expedition. The vessel offers seating for its pilot and an extra four passengers with a 180 degree acrylic canopy providing panoramic views underwater.

The HSPD is topped off by the sophisticated interior in the passenger area, boasting an elegant wood grain interior, leather seating, on-board GPS, VHF Radio and a numeration of other gadgets and applications to create an amazing underwater experience.

By B. Roberts