FitWet Offers Bathers Underwater Exercise

By Paul Joseph

A Florida-based company has created an exercise bike that can be used whilst sitting in a hot tub and, according to its makers, can help you burn up to double the amount of calories as a conventional exercise bike.

Claiming to offer 12 times higher intensity than a regular bike, the FitWet also provides a more refreshing environment in which to exercise for those who dislike working up a dry sweat. The water is flushed after each round of exercise.

Like any other exercise bike the FitWet targets the lower body, offering a workout to the quadriceps and buttocks, as well as providing general cardiovascular benefits.

Moveover, 12 integrated water jets “exert a massaging action and especially a draining one which allows strong reduction of the cellulite”.

“Sweating in the water enables to regulate the body temperature and to refresh it during the effort,” the company says.

“It also carries a part of its weight, and the ozone provides a sensation of relaxation and well being.”

“On the other side, water resistance increases the intensity of the effort, and allows to improve the muscle balance and requests the participation of all the muscles of legs, torso, arms and back.”

The FitWet also comes with a high-tech LED touch screen, drinks holder, heart rate monitor and calorie counter.

Makers of the FitWet are yet to confirm availability and pricing.

By Paul Joseph