'Floating Mansion' Showcased at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

By Paul Joseph

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, which came to a close on Florida’s southeast coast earlier this week, was another eye-catching type of watercraft.

Grabbing plenty of attention at the 60th edition of the legendary boat show was the so-called Mansion Yacht - the brainchild of Florida-based Cubic Yachts and designed by marine architect Fritz Schmid and built in Tampa. 

Measuring 84 feet in length and 40 feet across, the Bond-villain-esque yacht's most visible quirk is that it is made completely from stainless steel.

But perhaps its most incredible feature might be its ability to stand up out of the water. The yacht has 18-foot hydraulic legs with a lifting capacity of a million pounds apiece. When extended, the boat lifts above the waterline to make it resemble a house on stilts.

Other notable aspects include a roof over the main deck that’s covered with solar panels and are the sole source of 166,000 watts of battery power that, on a full charge, can run all of the vessel's electronics on batteries alone for more than two weeks. That includes air conditioning for an interior with three bulkheads and five staterooms, each with a king size bed and its own bathroom.

There’s also a sun deck with a bar as well as a heated jacuzzi, and the yacht is able to carry 5,000 gallons of fresh water.

The identity of the vessel’s owner remains a closely guarded secret.

By Paul Joseph