Four Seasons to Unveil Branded Private Jet for Round-The-World Vacations

By Paul Joseph

Luxury hotel group Four Seasons is to unveil its own branded private jet to take guests on its around-the-world vacations.

Last month Four Seasons announced the creation of a unique vacation experience that whisks guests off on a bespoke adventure to a host of glamorous locations, all in the lavish confines of a private jet.

Now the precise mode of transportation has been revealed to be a customised Boeing 757 emblazoned with the Four Seasons name in white on the fuselage and its tree logo, also in white, on the tail.

The jet’s interior boasts leather flatbed seats, plush carpeting and contemporary lavatories, whilst on-board amenities include global in-flight Wi-Fi, a Four Seasons chef and concierge to arrange activities for guests once they arrive at their destination.

The plane, which would normally carry 233 passengers, will make its maiden Four Seasons flight in February, starting with a nine-destination, 24-day trip that begins in Los Angeles and includes stops in Bora Bora, Thailand, India and Turkey, before finishing in London. Guests will stay at Four Season hotels at each stop.

In addition to being used for Four Seasons tailored vacations, the jet will also be available for private charter.

Four Seasons’ round-the-world trip by private jet is priced at $119,000 per person for double occupancy and $130,000 to travel solo. Each package includes transportation, accommodations, excursions, meals and drinks.

By Paul Joseph