Four Seasons Washington Offers Heated Ice-Dome Dining for the Holiday Season

By Paul Joseph

Anyone in Washington DC looking for a unique dining experience will find nothing more original than the latest offering at the city’s prestigious Four Seasons Hotel.

The hotel is inviting guests to an exclusive winter dining event where guests can savour culinary delights in the eye-catching setting of heated ice-domes.

Titled ‘Bourbon on Ice’,  the event will bring guests inside three specially created ice-domes that can accommodate up to six people at once.

The exclusive spots feature a unique décor and theme of their own, namely: Cozy & Chic, Caviar & Champagne, and Cigar & Cognac.

Inside the domes, guests can order both cold and hot beverages from the restaurant’s Bar Menu and sample the restaurant’s award-winning Lunch and Dinner Menus.

They can also enjoy Alpine specials such as the French favourite tartiflette as well as a domed baked Alaska dessert, curated especially for the event

In addition to the gastronomic delights, visitors can participate in outdoor lawn games including light-up bean bag and toss under the stars.

The hotel will also host icy Spa treatments, in-room glow-in-the-dark sleeping domes for kids, and a must-have menu at ENO Wine Bar, complete with ice wines, all in time for the upcoming holiday season.

Four Seasons Hotels was founded by Canadian businessman Isadore Sharp in 1960.

By Paul Joseph