Fractional Ownership: Expanding your material world


Once a little-known purchasing strategy for the finance-conscious, Fractional Ownership has now become somewhat of a lifestyle, capturing the imaginations of those with an insatiable appetite for luxury.

Perfect for those discerning individuals who like to enjoy their assets without the hassles associated with direct ownership, fractional owners can get the most out of their investment by purchasing only the shares or time they actually require or will realistically use.

The concept started with private jets in the 1990s but has since spread to include schemes covering everything from racehorses to property and members of Fractional Ownership clubs and websites can now purchase shares in a Hermès handbag, classic car or luxury holiday home. Even shares in football teams, vineyards, art pieces and jewellery are within the realms of possibility. From the opulent offerings of the ever-expanding world of high-end Fractional Ownership, these select few have really made their mark.

For reducing travelling time and maximising personal comfort, there is no better way to travel than private jet. Fractional Ownership of one of these luxury aircraft focuses on combining convenience with superb customer service to ensure members reach their destination in the most pleasurable way possible.

Helicopters grant more flexibility over a shorter distance than private jet and can call also be utilised via Fractional Ownership. Private travel allows passengers to avoid chaotic airports, create an itinerary of flexible schedules and unique destinations, and entertain friends and clients. Besides Fractional Ownership, these aircraft can also be utilised through fractional card and membership programs, charter card programs and on-demand charter.

Destination Clubs
These worldwide holiday clubs are based on the idea of members sharing a portfolio of fully-furnished, luxury properties in a multitude of stunning top-class destinations around the world. Ranging from beach houses and city residences to ski chalets and mountain retreats, these clubs allow members to holiday in any of their homes throughout the year.

The idea behind the club is that members can benefit from all the advantages of owning a holiday home without all the stress of upkeep, worry of disuse and restrictions on where you can holiday around the world. Properties are selected, managed and maintained by some of the leading experts in property and service management. Some of the very best include Exclusive Resorts, The Hideaways Club and The Oyster Circle. See the article on Destination Clubs for more information on these luxury holiday memberships.

Traditionally privately owned, Fractional Ownership of super yachts is becoming increasingly popular as it erases the high buy-in and annual costs while allowing buyers to indulge in one of life?s real pleasures. For some, the numbers associated with purchase and maintenance simply don?t match the time spent onboard; this is when Fractional Ownership comes into its own, reducing outlay and ongoing expenses while granting all the benefits of owning a superyacht.

Fractional Ownership can alternatively allow yacht owners to invest much less money in a possibly much larger yacht than would be possible with private ownership. Charter income from the yacht can also provide an annual return on the investment. Generally an annual fee pays for the crew, maintenance and management of the super yacht. All owners need to do is make arrangements to reach the marina and set sail.

For those who have dreamed of owning a garage of five, 10 or 20 gleaming vehicles, Fractional Ownership is an ideal solution whether it be a classic car, supercar, or collection of both that is desired. Like everything else, classic cars are subject to the effects of time and require heightened degrees of care and preventative maintenance.

For the unique feeling of driving one of these vintage vehicles however, there are many who find ownership well worth the expense. Fractional Ownership erases the need for hefty funds to pay the increased tax, insurance and maintenance costs associated with owning more than a few cars at a time. Car clubs gift you the key to an entire fleet of classic and sports cars for a relatively nominal sum without lengthy periods of time spent on wait lists.

The standard format of these clubs usually involves points and mileage values being awarded depending on the membership plan purchased, which can then be spent across the entire fleet of motorcars, generally buying 35 to 50 days per year.

Fractional ownership of an automobile leaves all the mechanical maintenance behind with a dedicated team of mechanics who regularly service the vehicle so owners can enjoy a cross-country trip or a few leisurely days spent driving around town. The cars included in the fleet are usually updated extremely frequently to contend with the shorter life of automobiles. Some clubs also offer motorcycles so be sure to check your options before choosing an automobile club.

"Even shares in football teams, vineyards, art pieces and jewellery are within the realms of possibility."


"Even shares in football teams, vineyards, art pieces and jewellery are within the realms of possibility."