Francesco Davico On Breaking the Chinese Wine Market

By Paul Joseph

Across much of the world, Italian wines are widely recognised as some of the best that mother earth can help to produce.

The job of Francesco Davico, exports manager at Cantine Salvano, when he travelled to the 2015 China Rendez-Vous was to convince Chinese wine lovers to join this global concensus.

“We are Salvano winery from Pimonte in the north of Italy […],” he began by telling us. “The Salvano family started to produce wine in 1930 so it’s been a while. Piamonte is very famous for wine and our area is entered into the UNESCO heritage last year.

“Our red wine is very famous. We mostly produce only red wines from our vineyards, we have 18 hectares, so it’s a family business, not a big company but we’re doing good.

“[The Chinese] love Italian wine. They are looking now for new wine like Italy. They have been drinking French wine for 25 years, and now they are discovering new territories, new places, so they like it.

“We sell very good in the north of China because of the weather. What they eat in the north matches very good with our strong Barolo and very strong tannin wine.”

You can watch the full video interview with Francesco Davico above this article.

By Paul Joseph