Frederik Vibe-Petersen on the TopBrewer Coffee Machine

By Paul Joseph

In a world that is increasingly digitally operated, more and more everyday tasks are being handed over to state-of-the-art technology.

The latest errand to join the digital revolution is coffee making, thanks to an innovative coffee and cappuccino making machine that can be controlled by a smart phone or tablet.

We sat down with Frederik Vibe-Petersen, Export Manager of TopBrewer, to find out more about a machine that its creators believe should be an essential item in every home, office and – of course – on every yacht.

“The TopBrewer is a new minimalist coffee machine where all the hardware is hidden beneath the counter and the only thing appearing on top is the swan neck,” he explained. “To control this stainless steel swan neck, you have the operation done by your iPhone or iPad, or android smart device.”

“The benefit of this is you can now control your own coffee machine and make your own customised coffee on your App and store it as a favourite. This gives a huge benefit to the very picky coffee drinkers all over the world that maybe likes a little bit more milk in their cappuccino, or less coffee. It’s a big, big thing.”

So in which category would Mr Vibe-Petersen – son of Kim, who is owner of Parsifal III and IV superyachts – place such a machine? Is it a toy, or is it more functional than that?

“I would call it a toy,” he said, “but also a very useful toy that I think people when they try it the first time they won’t be able to live without it.”

You can watch the full video interview with Frederik Vibe-Petersen above this article.

By Paul Joseph