FreeStyle Slides Create Inflatable Waterslide for Yachts

By Paul Joseph

FreeStyle Slides, US-based makers of inflatable waterslides, have created a customised slide that can be attached to the side of yachts – offering the potential for endless entertainment for all age-groups.

Billed as providing the most exciting experience in water toys for privately owned and chartered verssels, the Freestyle Cruiser water slide can be custom made to fit the dimensions of any individual yacht

They are designed to include either leg support (recommended for slides over 5 metres) or no leg support, with both versions featuring multiple anchor points on the slide body and legs for lashing lines back to the ship.

The product is made with the finst materials and craftsmanship, including 28 ox Firmatex, the highest grade vinyl in the industry as well as being 100% hot air welded using state of the art technology.

Each Freestyle Cruiser slide comes with standard features including strategically placed attachments which allow for minimal hull contact at installation, light weight design with separate slide body and leg base sub-structure for easy assembly, lifting rings to assist with lifting, fill valves and pressure relief valves, cover sheet, hose chase with universal water sprayer and air inflation/deflation pumps.

The official price of the Freestyle Cruiser water slide has yet to be announced.

By Paul Joseph